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Zhuhai Kirin Jewelry Co., Ltd.silver jewelry processing, production and sales of the company, the company is located in Wan Chai Town of Zhuhai city. In 2006 began the production of silver jewelry, wholesale. Although very young, but the vast market and our first-class service, so that our position in the competition has become increasingly consolidated and improved. Bring forth the new through the old.Products and the world trend.

The company mainly produces mosaic jewelry, set the essence of the traditional manual of the domestic and foreign, to provide customers with the design, from the board, the production of one-stop service. The company in a serious and responsible, quality oriented, common development goals, we are committed to cooperate with wholesalers, retailers to create brand, win the trust of customers at home and abroad. The material selected, excellent workmanship, pay attention to taste and always have great originality, products are silver series, antique series, crystal series, series of jade and Silver Plated Platinum series. The company's products are diverse styles, value for money, favored by consumers.

The company aims to quality first, exquisite style, price concessions, praised by the majority of customers. The quality and service; the pursuit of fashion, bold innovation, honest and trustworthy, mutually beneficial business philosophy, I believe will be and more customers at home and abroad; new friends, new business opportunities, we look forward to your participation and support, work together to create a better tomorrow!

In the future, the company will pay more attention to and develop high-tech achievements, training technical personnel more exquisite, further open up the market, continue to maintain brand image, and we are willing to accept the customer's criticism and advice, willing to serve you forever do one hundred points.
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